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It should come as no surprise that we learn from our mistakes and regrets, especially when they involve bungled attempts at love! However, there’s also a less painful way to learn, especially less painful to the children of failed marriages—from other people’s emotional chaos and fumbles, their learning journeys through them, and their successes. And it doesn’t hurt one iota to laugh about a few things. Thus, at my expense and for the benefit of the 12.9 million single moms and dads in America and the millions more in Canada, abroad, and around the world who cannot afford more heartbreak, and of course the causalities of loss, our children, I’ve sought my own heart, challenges, and victories, and the experiences, and consensuses of other single moms and dads who have experienced their own unique heartbreaks, and navigated the dating scene, to provide you with the best possible encouragement, helps, and compass points on what could be an incredible journey of new possibilities for you and your family.  I'm excited about the February 2011 release of this second volume of THE SINGLE PARENT'S GUIDE, which is crossover book meant for both secular and non-secular audiences. Stay tuned, and keep watching for release details! 

Pina Coladas and the Pearly Gates 

Should Christians Drink? Pina Coladas & The Pearly Gates 
My groovy girlfriends and I attempt to uncork the truth concerning Christians and alcohol consumption in the fourth book of our Powder Room Series, "Pina Coladas and the Pearly Gates," in our usual bubbly way. With our hearts on our sleeves, we mine the depths of the Bible, examine historical data and stats, and search our hearts, consciences, experiences, victories and regrets for the answer to: "Is it OK for Christians to drink?" This is an excellent book for group study! Pina Coladas and the Pearly Gates is available in bookstores and in online bookstores now. To order, please click here Pina Coladas and the Pearly Gates

Just Released! 
Help Spread The Word: Families are important to God, no matter the dynamic! Click on the SINGLE PARENT Tab for More Information!
 Spread the Word...Families are important to God! 
Give Your Children HOPE to COPE!
The Single Parent's Guide To
RAISING Godly Children
Is in Bookstores Now

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tab for the video and more information...

"Broken Home" are fighting words to Canadian mom, author, and sharpshooter Shae Cooke who comes out with her guns blazing in The Single Parent’s Guide to RAISING Godly Children, the first in her series of Destiny Image books for single parents and their children. Through biblical insight and real life scenarios, the guide offers dads and moms tangible helps to free the family into whole living and making positive headlines!  Available in bookstores and online. For more information, or bulk orders, please contact www.destinyimage.com. To book a speaking engagement or book signing, or to sponsor the purchase and shipping of a guide to a needy single parent family, please visit www.shaecooke.com or write Shae Cooke at singleparentguide@gmail.com.

Do pets go to heaven? 
To order your copy of Will My Pet Go To Heaven, (a Powder Room Book, publisher: Destiny Image), please click the provided link. For bulk discount orders, please visit www.destinyimage.com. Also available in bookstores. If your favorite bookstore does not carry it, have your bookstore order it in for you, the ISBN Number is 978-0768432. Some books have similar titles, when ordering, please ensure the ISBN Numbers correspond, as well as the publisher (Destiny Image). If you have any questions, or need prayer, please do not hesitate to contact me. I sincerely hope that this book encourages you!
Give your children hope to cope! 
A Personal Note from Shae Cooke
The Single Parent’s Guide To RAISING Godly Children, is the first of a series of single parent books designed to address some of the greatest challenges facing single dads and moms and their children today. But don’t let the title fool you. This first book, the longest of the volumes, which are intended to be shorter, is as much about purposing to settle the parent’s heart as it is the child’s, to help pull everyone out of the victim swamp and into whole living. According to my panel of single parents, learning to heal from personal hurts and injustices was one of the greatest barriers toward moving into the realm of God’s heart for their families. So we tackle that right from the start. If God could pull me out of dysfunction junction and into the family of my dreams, and if He could do it for others, He can do it for you. 

The concept for this book series first birthed in the heart of the Vice President of Destiny Image, Jonathan Nori for the challenges of the single parent and their children, specifically, the ones brought to light by the many single parents who help make the company’s mission a reality. When he contacted me, my spirit soared, because it was additional proof in my life of God working more good into what for all intent, could not be classified as an optimal situation. 

As a divorced single mom suddenly thrust into singlehood, and currently raising my son, I experience the parent and child and good versus evil struggles—and incredible possibilities every day. I may not have received all that I’d ordered for my life plan but I cherish what I do have. In writing this guide, my heart is that you will awaken to the excitement of being a parent, to the reality of God’s exciting presence in your home, and experience His extravagant miracle-working power in your life. His presence in your home will not only influence your children when they walk through the door after school, but also enable them to live for God when independent of your direct influence. In addition, I provide many resources and share how to:

Avoid “morale” decay and raise your child’s value quotient
Free your child to be a child, resurrect his or her hopes and reams
Reduce the impact of negative influence
Lead your children to Christ and keep them walking with Him
Identify vulnerabilities and deal with the tough stuff kids are into
Give your children hope to cope--a real reason for living!

Love in Him,

Shae Cooke

PS: Help others through group study, or help a single parent that you know. Spread the word through your ministry, and get the word out that families are important to God, no matter their dynamics. The Single Parent’s Guide to Raising Godly Children is in bookstores now. For more information or bulk orders, please contact www.destinyimage.com. For speaking requests, book signings, or to sponsor the purchase and shipping of a book to a needy single parent family, please contact me at singleparentguide@gmail.com, or visitwww.shaecooke.com. 
Tear Down Impossibility...
Raise Up Possibility! Sing the Song of the Sea for the Nations! This teaching has unfolded as the Lord has revealed how critical the position of intimacy is to every believer with a heart for the nations! 
see more

Come and See . . . and Believe!
God has the MO of a stalker. Not a crazed or dangerous one, but One righteously and tenderly relentless in His pursuit of us!
see more

Live with a Celebration Mindset!
God wants us to live with a celebration mindset! His first sign, the turning of water into wine at the wedding is proof that the Messianic age is dawning! The reign of God is near!  see more

Holy Hunger 
"Mom, where does Jesus go," My then then eight-year-old son asked...Do you think if you lived then," he asked, "that God would have chosen you as Jesus' mother?" Read More Here


Click here to watch the January 4th, 2005 CBS NEWS video promoting Open My Eyes, Open My Soul, Celebrating Our Common Humanity by Yolanda King (Daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.) and Elodia Tate. I was blessed to be a part of this wonderful project, launched for MLK's 75th birthday with my story: Wildflower in a Rose Garden. Open My Eyes Open My Soul is still available through Amazon, and you can catch the link in my book place. 

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TOPIC: The Single Parent's Guide to Love, Dating, & Relationships: Finding Love in All the Right Places

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The Single Parent's Guide To  Raising Godly Children

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Live Interview/Discussion
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Live Interview/Discussion 
on INSIGHT with Paul Arthur
re: Will our pets go to heaven? 
The subject of her book Will My Pet Go to Heaven

Book Interview: 
The Single Parent's Guide to Love, Dating, and Relationships: Finding Love in All The Right Places


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Reflections on 90 Minutes In Heaven
A Topical Discussion by Women from Different Walks of Life
Destiny Image Publishers
Authors:  Shae Cooke, Tammy Fitzgerald, Donna Scuderi, Angela R. Shears
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